service + UX design

ik ea
  a y

A conceptual user experience project that blends IKEA's physical and digital showroom to allow people who are moving to new cities to visualize the way their homes could look and test out what IKEA products work for them.

branding + film

ital ia

Branding and film for a 8 month long project in Italy, Vancouver, and Portland interviewing the top designers and architects about their design practices.


sa lt br

Helped build brands by working on various writing assignments, accomplishing product naming assignments, branded website content, brand voice/narrative, and video marketing ideas.

experience design

w al
  en     s

A digital experience that allows customers to discover and shop for beauty products via storytelling through interactive videos, connecting customers to Walgreens'
e-commerce to purchase products online.

+ more

A collection of projects that further demonstrate my experience with design, technology, and art.

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